Facilities We offer

  • Class Rooms: Well furnished spacious class room.
  • Labs: Excellent lab facilities are provided in the NursingPractice lab. Fundamental Lab, Anatomy & Physiology Lab, Microbiology, Nutrition And MCH Lab.
  • Library : Well equipped Libraries with most advanced and large collection of Books.
  • Computer Labs – Latest Computers with 24 hours Internet Connection
  • Auditorium : Big Auditorium for hosting functions, examination, workshops etc.
  • Audio-Visual Room : To train the students with Audio-Visual aids.
  • Hostel : Well furnished hostel for students.
  • Staying in the Hostel is compulsory but all the students who belong to the city where the Nursing Schools is located may opt to be day scholar.
  • Students living within radius of 25 Km. of the School may opt to be Day Scholar.
  • The discipline of institute is to be strictly observed. For breach of discipline a student may be fined or expelled from the institute. No refund of fee including security fee will be allowed.
  • Institute will not be responsible for delay or postponement of the examinations.
  • The Principal reserves the right to change the timetable at any time.
  • Leave applications is to be recommended through the respective class teachers.
  • Leave applications should be signed by the Parents/Guardians.
  • House examinations/tests are compulsory. In the case of illness/sickness, Student will have to produce Medical certificate duly attested by S.M.O.
  • 80% attendance is essential in classes, demonstrations, practicals and 100% attendance in the clinical Area.
  • A student whose progress and conduct is considered unsatisfactory may be struck off from rolls without any notice.
  • Students will not be allowed to entertain their relatives during school hours.
  • Parents as well as students will submit a combined affidavit that she will observe the above said rules and regulations.
  • Hostlers are not allowed to keep mobile phones.
  • Day Scholar will not be allowed to carry mobile phones in the classrooms & hospital.
  • Ragging of students, particularly when they are admitted afresh to these schools are illegal and completely forbidden. It is punishable with the fine, rustication or even expulsion from the school.
  • Parent Teacher meeting will be held every month.
Library Rules
  • The Library is under the control of the library committee.
  • The Library opens from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on working days.
  • The students shall observe the following general rules of the library:-
    • Silence and discipline must be maintained in the library. Any infringement of this rule will result in the serious disciplinary action.
    • Any subscriber, who loses, defaces or damages a book shall be liable to pay the cost of the same.
    • Encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases shall not be issued from the library.
    • Books borrowed from the library are non transferable.
    • Books will be issued strictly on first-come first served basis.
    • Each student is entitled to get up to two books issued at any time. The borrower must return the books within 14 days failing which the borrower shall be liable to pay the fine of Rs.10/- per book for each day thereafter.
    • Periodical, publication and newspaper placed in the reading section must not be taken away under any circumstances.
    • Students are not allowed to use the library during class hours. They should attend classes.